Nelsonville - 2015

This mural, one block from Nelsonville's town square, reinterprets patterns first used in Nelsonville's brick kilns. 

Thanks to artist Nate Schirmer who assisted in painting and documenting this piece. 

Latex paint, spray paint


Press: 1


The Nelsonville Brick Company was founded in 1887, and produced more than 20 million bricks a year until it closed its doors in 1937. Nelsonville became famous for these beautifully patterned bricks with their distinctive, watertight salt glaze. The popular star brick is just one of many decorative blocks that continue to be used throughout the region. These patterns are a unique, vital part of the visual culture and historical identity of Nelsonville. 

This mural was commissioned by the Historic Downtown Nelsonville Association, in partnership with Rocky Brands.