Homesick | Restless - 2015

Richmond is a hard place to leave. Richmond is a hard place to stay. The struggle between nostalgic longing and the lure of the road affects everyone who loves the city. It is also characteristically American - a mixture of our rootlessness and our longing for roots. 

Homesick | Restless is a print exchange designed to consider and, in a small way, to counteract our conflicted relationship to this particular home. Artists in Richmond and expats were invited to contribute prints that address this theme - however loosely.


Andrew Barger

Meredith and James Hill

Brooke Inman

Bizhan Khodabandeh

Aijung Kim

Barry O'Keefe

Tom O'Keefe

Joe Riley

Angela Sprunger

Cosima Storz



Exchange Details

  • Paper size: 11" x 15"
  • Edition size: 13
  • Includes prints produced using Risography, letterpress, woodcut, linocut, etching and screen.  
  • Complete portfolios are held at the Library of Virginia, the Valentine Museum, and VCU Special Collections in Richmond.