Setbacks - 2014, 2015

Setbacks consists of a series of screen-printed alterations of Walmart store signage. Hundreds of individual prints have been distributed to printmakers across the country. In addition, templates and instructions for producing altered Walmart signage have been posted online, to encourage others to continue the project in new forms. 

This project is not the only act of culture jamming manipulating Walmart store signage. Many artists and activists are working to shift the conversation around labor at Walmart and other large retailers. 



Walmart has a reputation for abusive labor practices and anti-union rhetoric and policies. In addition to being paid low wages, Walmart workers are frequently denied full time employment, stable contracts, and consequently, any significant benefits. As America's largest retailer, Walmart's decisions represent and influence the standards of the entire retail economy.

Recently, organizations such as Our Walmart have begun to make headway in the struggle to organize Walmart workers. Setbacks is an art project designed in support of these efforts.